Sunday, January 28, 2007


I was going to write about the Republicans in general, but then I was sitting here watching This Week with George Stefanopoulus and George Will is sitting there on the panel defending the President's bogus Healtcare Plan. And just about everyone else on the panel is arguing against him.

Will is an idiot. Plain and simple. The rest of the panelists are also idiots. Set aside the stupidity of the President's plan for Healthcare and the way it would be paid for, let's get first principles straight. Healthcare is not a commodity. It is a necessity. We talk about equality of opportunity, yet how can you have equality of opportunity when you allow member of your community to be sick?

47 million Americans do not have Health Insurance. When they get sick they wait until the situation becomes nearly untenable. In many cases, this means they become unable to work, unable to tak care of themselves, which leads to a downward spiral in their standard of living and their families standard of living. In effect, we damn those that cannot afford Health Insrance to a life of uncertainty and anxiety. We damn them to a second class citizen status.

The President's plan won't help that because like most people, he believes Healthcare is a commodity. He believes that you can pick and choose your healthcare just like you can pick and choose the style, color, and model of your car. Which, on its face, is just wrong. Imagine, for instance, breaking your arm. Now, according to the commodity view of Healthcare, you would sit down and study your options and pick the best option for taking care of your broken arm. Of course, this ignores the fact that you might be in terrible pain, that while you're studying which Healthcare option is best you may get gangrene, and a host of other problems. Not to mention work lost.

What happens when you cannot get healthcare is that you work sick and you do it up to the point until you can't work anymore. And then you either strain the healthcare system or lose your job, or more likely both. So in the end, not only do you pull down yourself and your family, you pull down the system. Stephen Colbert covered the financial aspects of the President's plan on his show the day after the SOTU. He put it best concerning that aspect. But let's not kid ourselves, Healthcare is a necessity, not a commodity. And as long as we think of it as a commodity, we won't move this debate forward.

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