Tuesday, November 28, 2006


It's impossible to keep up at this point. The situation in Iraq deteriorates daily. The Great Pundit Class pontificates without the slightest clue or self-irony about how wrong they have been and continue to be about Iraq. And the so-called experts continue to explain that the situation will change in 4 to 6 months. It's funny that, or it would be if it weren't so tragic, but the ex-military and ex-career diplomats who expound on Iraq have been telling us pretty much the same thing for 2 years now. So at what point does 4 to 6 months really become just 4 to 6 months?

It doesn't help that George the Third has abdicated responsibility for this mess. You can see it in his behavior. He no longer believes that Iraq is his baby. Oh, he keeps spouting the words about how we will win if we don't leave, but what he's really arguing for now is don't leave before he leaves. Let someone else be held responsible for pulling out of Iraq. Let someone else take the blame. After all, George has never taken responsibility for anything he's ever done. He's always had someone else bail out his sorry ass. Or he just leaves before it all goes to hell. All anyone had to do was look at this sorry-assed idiot's past performance and we (the Good Ole US of A) could have been spared this past 6 years.

But we mustn't blame just poor little George. No; there's plenty of blame to go around. We shouldn't forget the Republican Party. No; they are not blameless. They chose party over country. They chose ideology over The US Constitution. They chose extremism over what is Right and True. They wanted so much to be in control, they acted like the corrupt little prigs some people thought they were. They proved all those people correct.

The Democrats, on the other hand, forgot that they needed to grow a pair. For nearly 6 years, they let the lying, thieving Republican Congress and Administration do just that: Lie and Rob us blind. They rolled over for a war that made no sense simply because they were afraid of looking weak, and what happened: they looked even weaker. There is plenty of blame to go around.

Let's not let the idiot right-wingnuts off either. The NeoCons, the TheoCons, the Christianists. No; the US Constitution doesn't exist for these people. Ideology is all. Their latest tactic is to argue that "Well yes, the situation was screwed from the beginning, but let's look to the present and future and show us how to get out of this mess." This is what you will hear for the next two years from these petty, bullying despots. They will scream and shout about how the Democrats can't stabilize Iraq, can't get us out of Iraq without the country falling into chaos (oh, wait; it's already there), that we should vote for their next Authoritarian who promises to save us from ourselves, even while he curtails our liberties. And they will use their constant whining to try to get us to forget that we are in this mess because too many believed them when they first came up with this insanity.

So let us remember all of the insane, inept, incompetent, and just plain wrong who continue to state that their policy is the only policy which makes sense. And let us remember the screeching harpies who shouted "traitor" and "coward" at those of us who had the good sense to actually look at the situation before diving in and ask what were we diving into. Because if we don't remember these criminals, these cowards, these bigots, then we run the risk that two years from now, they will have rehabilitated their reputations enough that we will once again find ourselves ruled by madmen and tyrants, and perhaps then, we won't be able to get out at all.


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