Thursday, May 25, 2006


Why do I inveigh against The Right? Why this animosity towards them, other than they are trying to drive the country to ruin? I mean, they won't be the first or the last to try to do so. But why do they incense me so? Let me count the ways:

Newt Gingrich calls for Clinton's impeachment because Clinton supposedly lied to Congress about a sexualk scandal, all the while Gingrich was having an affair.

He was not the only Republican at the time doing so.

Dont' forget Limbaugh.

And we wouldn't want to forget his comments about drug abusers, while he himself was (maybe still is?).

Ann Coulter tells women they're not smart enough to vote. Does that mean Ann is not smart enough to open her mouth on national TV?

Ann Coulter gives lessons on morality yet doesn't believe those lessons pertain to her personal behavior.

Oh, forget it. There is just no way I can cover the myriad litany of sins by the so-called Right and the Conservative Movement. There are jsut too many, and I don't have that kind of time. Just sitting here typing this I'm reminded by the last item I write about another hypocrisy, another example of just how warped these people are! Laws don't apply; moral standards don't apply. They will say and do win and damned the consequences for the country. These are not just people we can disagree with; these are evil people. EVIL! How do you discuss what is right or wrong when they are so certain in their rightness, even when they have done the very acts they rail against? There is no common ground. There is no means of honest debate, because they do not care about debate; they care only in power and control and exerting it over others!

I've called them Fascists in this blog before, and I believe that is what they are. But if possible they may be worse than simple fascists because of what they are doing to political discourse in this country. They are forever destroying the concept of common ground, of what makes us all citizens. With every slander, every lie, every condemnation of positions not their own, they make it that much harder to ever debate intelligently. They are destroying debate. They are hypocrits of the worst sort.

I found out my college roommate now writes sometimes for the National Review Online. That in itself shouldn't be a comdemnation of my college roommate. He was a pretty smart guy. But what has finally brought home just how evil these people are is what he writes about and how he can justify writing what he does after what he's done. I know. I was there. But now he rails against the very actions which he took, and I find myself wondering how can he be so intellectually dishonest? I find myself looking back and wondering if he always was so? And if he wasn't, what happened to the objective intelligent thinker that was there then? And are we all doomed to become hypocritical caricatures of our better selves? Is that what we all become?


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