Monday, January 09, 2006


If you've been watching the News at all, you may have heard mention that George the Third authorized the NSA to illegally eavesdrop on US citizens. That's pretty much the gist of ifs, ands, or buts. George Bush believes that if he wants to, he can circumvent the Law because he's president. And he doesn't seem to be alone in this belief, even though those that agree with him are basically half-baked fascists!

You'll notice I used the word fascist up above. I did not mean it as hyperbole. Any group that argues that it is above the Law, that it can do whatever it deems necessary because of some preceived threat, is totalitarian in nature. They do not respect the rights of their fellow citizens, believing that they somehow have the answer. They are in a word fascists. We're right; you're wrong, and we're going to do what we want when we want and to hell with you and the Law. Welcome to the present incarnation of the Republican Party.

Which would explain the thinking of our Fearless Leader. He knows best - never mind the fact that he's been wrong more often than he's been right. He deems all communication, all privacy rights, all individual rights as his to deal with however he wishes. If you don't believe me, just look at how he's behaved throughout this. As if it doesn't matter. Meaning, it doesn't matter to him. It may actually matter to you.

I'm not going to go into an indepth view of just how skewed and wacko the defense of this policy has been. Many others will have done a much better job at it than I (Glenn Greenwald, for one). Let me just say that all of the arguements condoning this action and condemning the whistleblowers are full of so much hot air, if it were a balloon, you'd be able to raise New York City. I am wondering though, when did the Constitution become "quaint," to use Alberto Gonzalez's phrasing? When did the situation become so dire, that we had to ignore our own Laws, that we had to ignore the very foundation that our Country and Government is built on, because in order to save our Country, it has become necssary to destroy it? When did the nebulous Ends justify any Means?

And one of the worst parts of this: Historians and Attorneys who condone this. People who should know better, have jumped on the bandwagon that as President you can do whatever the Fuck you wish and no one - NO ONE - should be able to hold you accountable. I don't know the Constitution by heart, though I have read it a few times, but I don't remember ever reading that everyone except the President is required to obey the Law. George Bush is a criminal; those who defend this action are abetting a criminal activity. We need to make them pay under the Laws of our Great Nation before its Bloody Fucking Too Late! Impeach Bush; Impeach Cheney! Throw the rest of the criminals out!


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