Friday, November 18, 2005


Somwehere in the great scheme of things, there are republicans that actually understand what the words "telling the truth" means. Somewhere, they are doing just that. But, unfortunately, most of these people are not in Washington...
The Bush Administration continues to put forth the arguement that everyone had the same intelligence, so eveyrone is culpable. Two things:
1) Everyone did not have the same intelligence because the intelligence gets filtered through the White House (as they are considered the primary client of the Intelligence Community - nearly everyone with half-a-brain and knows a little about politics knows this), and
2) Does that mean that the White House no longer believes that its reasons for going to War are valid? It certainly sounds like this is what they're saying. They're no longer defending the reasons; they're defending their mistakes.
As to the rest of the GOP; When did the Republican Party decide that they hated the majority of Americans? Have to ask. The latest Spending Cuts Bill - even watered down - hurts the poor, the lower middle and middle class families the most. Don't think so; let's look. Cuts to Medicaid, cuts to Education, cuts to social programs which aid the poor and the middle class.
On the other hand, pretty good to you if you happen to be wealthy or a corporation.
And we're not even talking about the sheer, unadulterated corruption of these people. Tom Delay's No. 1 guy was just indicted on criminal charges. Tom Delay! Mr. Integrity himself! We've got the GOOPer leadership calling most Americans traitors because most Americans disagree with how this War is being fought. We've got multiple examples of corruption in the CPA - two indictments in as many days. We've got Bridges to nowhere - Stevens gets to keep the money, it's just not earmarked directly. We've Bill Frist doing insider stock trading - anyone remember Martha Stewart?
But somehow the Rethugs continue to roll along, chewing up our country and destroying our freedoms, because when it comes right down to it, they just fucking lie so well and so often it's hard to catch them at all of those lies.
This post is all over the place. They just make me so angry. Why can't we have a legitimate government?


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