Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Here's what scares me: 73% of people who identify themselves as Republicans still back George Walker Bush, President 43 or George the Third as I like to call him. 36% of people polled still have a favorable impression of Bush! 44% of respondents to a recnt poll seem to believe that Torture is okay in some intsances. Not as a last resort mind you, but in some instances! These things scare me.

After five years of the present administration completely screwng up - New Orleans underwater, huge budget deficits, 45 million people now without healthcare, a poverty rate that is increasing by 1 million people annually, declining middle class income, a declining middle class, attakcs on Science and Education by Religious Zealots who respect neither, and, oh by the way, an increasingly Deadly War in Iraq! - there are still people who think these guys are all right! If Clinton had made just one of the cock-ups that Bush had done, he would not only have been impeached, he would have been found guilty and thrown out of office! But Bush...

How can you be this lucky? How can you be this corrupt, this incompetent, this serially sociopathic and still be considered by the majority of your Party as basically okay? How can people of average intelligence still consider this a legitimate administration when we know for a fact that the Vice President of the United States advocates Torture, something which is against the Law - not just in the Geneva Conventions - but in our Laws as well! How can this administration be considered legitimate when we know for a fact that they lied to the American people simply for the purpose of getting us into a War to fulfill some sort of messianic-matyr complex on the part of the President? How can this administration be considered legitimate when every economic and social action it has taken has been to the detriment of the very people it is supposed to be protecting? And yet...

36% of respondents still think he's doing a good job. 73% of his Party still think he's doing a good job. 44% advocate the use of Torture.


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