Friday, January 06, 2006


Almost to a man (and woman), conservative bloggers appear to be apologists for illegality, incompetence, corruption, and cronyism. They write arguements which essentially state that almost anything done by this administration and the Conservative members of Congress and the Courts is valid and should not be questioned. George Bush admits to not following the very law he stated he was going to follow; The Abramoff Scandal will bring down numerous members of the Republican Party; The War in Iraq continues to be nothing more than a huge clusterfuck; New Orleans has been decimated because of cronyism; and on and on and on. But conservative bloggers act as though none of these things are true (i.e. factual) and if they are true, they don't really matter. So why is that?

I have a theory, of course, and that is that conservative bloggers are more enamored of having what they consider some power than they are of really effecting change for the better. You can see it in how they write their pieces. All their arguements always come back to the same thing: Will this or won't this boost their group's electability? Will this or won't this boost George Bush's poll numbers? They do not discuss whether the facts as stated are good or bad for the country - they don't care about the country - they discuss whether it will help get their candidates elected. They do not have common cause with the working class, with the middle class, with the average citizen. They have common cause with only one thing: Their party.

You can see it in how they behave towards anyone who might actually disagree. Representative Murtha was a fellow traveler until he chose to speak out. Suddenly, he was a traitorous piece of scum who didn't deserve the medals he earned. Andrew Sullivan, who's been a good conservative for quite awhile, is now just another fag to be bashed. It's just amazing the level of complete and utter venom these conservative bloggers are willing to heap upon anyone who doesn't just roll over and let them have their way. They are, to say the least, reprehensible. They are also all cowards.


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