Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I'd really like to know. It seems that we are no longer allowed any rights under this administration and legislature. Don't believe me, then read this: NSA Spies on Baltimore Quaker Group
and this:
IRS Freezing Refunds

Now, remember, the IRS (the second article) falls under the purview of the adminsitration. So not only does the administration feel it can eavesdrop on anyone they want (the first story), they also believe that only poor and working class people cheat on their taxes and should be punished for it. Yeah, right. The poor and middle class are such good accountants that they remain poor and middle class. Of course, what can you expect from an administration and legislature that ignores facts just so thay can blow shit up!

And then you get the constant traitor-baiting. George the Third has now stooped to this tactic, a tactic the fascist blogging public has been braying for quite some time now. Again, I want you to understand, I do not use the word "fascist" as hyperbole. That's what these people are. They care nothing about truth or facts or what they're policies are actually doing to the Country. They care nothing about the Rule of Law; They care only that their party remain in power. In other words, Fascists.

So the real traitors are all these fascists who will condone any action which continues their power-grab no matter how illegal or reprehensible. The president is a traitor. He took an oath to uphold The Constitution of the United States, but broke that oath almost as soon as he took it. So all those who agree with him are traitors. They believe that the only thing worth protecting is their preceived power. And it is preceived, because they assume wrongly - who'd have thunk it - that once the administration and legislature consolidate their hold on power by abolishing our Constitution that they will have some say in what happens. That's just not true. Again, all you have to do is look at what's been done by this coterie of criminals up to now to see that the only people who are going to come out of this with any power if we continue to allow the administration and legislature to destroy our liberties as they see fit, is the administration and the legislature and the moneymen behind them. The rest of us will just be bent over and taking it up the ass.

And if any of you fascists don't like being called fascists and want to prove just how tough you are, email me. I'll gladly let you come down to where I live and beat the living shit out of you! You assholes all think you're so tough, but the minute anyone stands up to your sorry ass, you fold like the pissants you really are! So take your traitor of a president and legislature and go find an island somewhere where you can create your fascist distopia and leave the rest of us the fuck alone!


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