Friday, January 13, 2006


In what can only be called the greatest act of self-abasement for a wrong cause, Powerline (specifically Assrocket) has stated that George Bush is not only the most intllectually gifted individual in the US but also comparable to Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln.

I beg to differ.

Neither Churchill nor Lincoln were incompetent petty criminals, and all we have to do is look at George the Third's past to see that that is exactly what he is. As a so-called small businessman, he managed to run all his businesses into the ground and relied on his father's friends to bail him out, all the while cheating his investors and lying to the SEC. If there is anything you can learn from the example of this "illustrious" incompentent, it is that if you have enough money, it really doesnt matter how fucked up you really are.

Which brings me to my point. I don't think Powerline or most of the fairly literate (meaning they've read something other than the side of the cereal box) blogs really believe what they say. I don't think they're that stupid. No, it's just all part of the agenda: The Agenda to destroy the United States and the progressive ideas it stands for.

You see, Powerline and others (can you say Grover Norquist) wish to destroy the United States government, which has as its basis for some two hundred years acted as a defense for the common man, albeit a rather weak one but the best we've got. Their position is that Government should not protect against the abuses wrought by Industry and Capitalism. They reject Adam Smith, John Locke, Montesque, Jefferson, Franklin, Paine, etc. etc. The list of those rejected goes on and on. And they reject them not out of any positive ideological stance. No, they reject them because they wish to control. They reject them out of a desire for authoritarianism. They are authoritarians, so long as they are in charge.

So Bush and his incompetence plays right into their hands. By bankrupting the Country, by showing that his administration cannot administer a flea bath to the official dog, Bush proves that the US Government, and by implication, the Cosntitution don't work, making Norquist and Powerline's and the rest of the fascists point for them.

If it didn't hurt nearly all of us, I would be inclined to let Norquist have his experiment. After all, I'd be interested in knowing what he would do once he no longer had his lobbying job to go to. I mean, unless he's independently wealthy - and we should ask where that came from - what is he actually cut out to do? It would be interesting to see him try to collect unemployment because I'm certain that the people he now relies on would cut him loose the instant they no longer needed him. He is seriously mistaken if he thinks he would end up on top.


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