Sunday, June 18, 2006


This is going to be a very short item, I hope. There are only three items to cover. One: The US continues to occupy Iraq. Two: Iraq is not safer (just look to the State Department memo concerning safety there; and Three: the Repulican Congress and The Executive have no clue as to how to make it any better.

As Bush said in May of 2003, "All major combat operations are over." That pretty much means we're just occupiers now. To say the least, indigenous populations don'treally like being occupied.

Iraq isn't safer. The Iraqi Government instituted a curfew in Baghdad, amongst other places. As of today, Sunday, June 18th, over a hundred have been killed. Add to that the two US soldiers taken hostage (and I don't even want to talk about the poor guy killed), the curfew and polciies of the Iraqi Gov't don't seem to mean shit.

Which brings me to point three: Republicans just don'tgive a flying fuck! We know, because the Iraqi Government said it, that Iraqis are willing to give amnesty to insurgents so long as those insurgents didn't attack Iraqis, no mention made of the coalition forces. So by their own statements, we know the Iraqis don't really give a shit about our troops. And what do the Republicans have to say about this: nothing that makes the slightest bit of sense. Republicans don't seem to care that our troops, our young men and women are being killed by Iraqis or anyone else because they have tied themselves to a criminal foreign policy and now will do anything (which doesn't include them actually to take responsiblility or to risk their lives) to keep their political position, while letting US troops die for their mistakes. This goes for every Republican in Congress, Bush and his Administration, and every apologist for the Administration. We are killing and maiming our soldiers so that some asshole in Washington DC can adhere to his delusions! Plain and simple, if you believe we are in Iraq for any of the reasons the Administration put forth, you are killing US citizens for a delusion!

It's time we had a little honesty. Too bad we won't get it from the supposed representatives of the people. You and I are getting screwed. And if you have a son or daughter who might be in the military or thinking about it, you're getting screwed twice!


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