Tuesday, October 31, 2006


The election is in seven days. Seven days from now, we will know. We will know whether or not we are still ruled by these power-hungry pedophiles, crooks, incompetents, eliminationist theocrats and their bile-spewing mouthpieces or whether we will be able to take back at least some small bit of our country from those that hate us as much as they hate any outside enemy.

If you don't believe they hate us just because we diagree with them, I suggest you look at this commentary written by a former Bush speechwriter. Whether you agree with what he finds wrong with this country, you'll notice that his hatred is almost to a man turned on civilians, people who have relatively little power. Almost none of his hatred is focused on those who wield power. http://www.fredericksburg.com/News/FLS/2006/102006/10282006/232595/printer_friendly

Yet this is the present day Republican Party. This is what they have become. They demonize their opponents and gloss over their failings. They sell out the average working man and woman every day, then try to sell us the same shit they did the day before about being on our side. Look at Bush's recent campaign speeches: "If the Democrats win, the terroists win!" is his new dishonest catchphrase. The terrorists are already winning. And they are winning not because of anything they have done; they are winning because our Dear Leader (the single most incompetent man ever to hold the office of President) is willing to trample our rights, to spit on our Constitution, to destroy our economy, to further dismantle what little is left of the social safety net, to promote Theocracy, to fracture and splinter this country into little warring factions, all so he can reward his welathy contributors and his sycophantic friends.

In seven days. We will know in seven days whether we care enough to try to take our country back.


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