Sunday, November 19, 2006


Since the Democratic victory in the House and Senate (Thank God!), we hear on a daily basis that George the Third understands the message the Citizenry of the USA is telling him, and that he is listening. Why! The very first thing he did was can Rummy's dimply cellulite ass, so he must be listening. Right?

I'm calling Bullshit! Bush has no intention of trying to correct the shitcan that Iraq has become. As he pointed out while visiting Vietnam, he thinks we're winning unless we pull out. It is obvious to anyone with half-a-brain that the President has none. The sheer stupidity of stating that we are winning just because we are still there is, to say the least, suspect. Unfortunately, Woody Allen's now famous quote that "80% of success is just showing up" is not a strategy for success when it comes to fighting a war.

Couple this with the President's belief that somehow now that the Dems have taken the House and the Senate John Bolton would become a reasonable candidate for US Ambassador to the UN and the renomination of judges who have extreme views and are not afraid to rule in those directions, and you can see that Bush plans not to give up anything. Which brings me to the Grown Ups.

Supposedly, Bush has gone running for guidance to Daddy, and Daddy will fix it all by having his grown up friends save little Georgie. One problem: The grown ups aren't so grown up. It doesn't take much digging to point out that Daddy Bush was the President who was shocked by the cost of milk at the Supermarket. Or that Rumsfeld and Cheney were advisors to Daddy Bush just like they are to little Georgie now. Nothing's changed; just some set pieces have been rearranged.

And let's not forget that the 2000 Election was the Election where the grown ups were going to take charge. Bush was going to bring integrity and honesty back to the White House. The country was going to be led by a CEO President (never mind that the companies he was CEO of all went belly up; never mind that he never did anything without Daddy bailing him out). Instead, what did we get? We got 6 years of spiralling deficits. We got nearly six years of War. We have more poor citizens than when he became President. And we have Fundamentalist Religious Right Hate Groups who believe that the country somehow belongs to them and that they can do whatever the Fuck they want to with it! They can help Little Georgie gut The Constitution, break into our bedrooms, and tell us what to think.

But, as the Mighty MSM tells us, the grown ups are once again in charge in the WH. This is what they told us when Little Georgie was running for election. This is what they tell us now. But think about it: when has the MSM been correct about anything in the last 6 years? Editorially, almost to a man and woman (save Frank Rich and Keith Olbermann; and on occassion Maureen Dowd) they have fed us Republican crap as if it were reality. We went to war in Iraq because no one in the MSM spoke up against it. Little Georgie was elected President a second time because the MSM sat on its hands and pretended to be objective when all they were really being is a bunch of spineless lapdogs! They let John Kerry get smeared and helped spread those smears, all the while shouting that Democrats were doing bad things too. But when push came to shove, the MSM had to reach pretty far down into its sack of shit to find a Democratic smear that wasn't true, while the Republican ones weren't true right off the bat and every Republican mother and her son knew it and didn't care!

During the midterms, the smears didn't stop. It's allright if a Republican does it, is it. And as Chris Matthews, Tim Russert, and the other Beltway Bandits with no sense of shame seem to point out so well, they are quite good at enabling the Republican criminal elite. We heard constantly how the Dems need to show a plan, how they have to have a plan for Iraq, but never did they seem to ask what exactly the Republican plan for Iraq is or was. Never! And it didn't just stop there. On nearly every issue, the Republican position was accepted as being the predominant one, even when opnion polls proved otherwise. Raise the minimum wage, Republican position was no because it would harm small business (like they care about small business). Public position was yes, it needs to be raised. Global Warming; Republican position is is that it doesn't exist; General public, we should deal with it. But the great US punditocracy continues to only sell us the Republican position! And when someone points out that they are pandering to their paymasters, they laugh it off and pretend that it's the Democrats fault.

The truth is is that the grown ups aren't in the White House. The present bunch of advisors are no better than the previous bunch. Their cut fromthe same clothe. Their ideas helped shape the ideas of the idiots who got us into this mess. If it can be believed, Henry Kissinger, the idiot who managed to nearly destroy us in Vietnam, has been advising Little Georgie and the advice has been to stay the course. Do you honestly believe that now that Rummy's gone things will get better? Not until the two morons at the top fo the pile are shitcanned will that happen. We need to have the House and Senate proceed with impeachment hearings as soon as they are able. Until then, we will continue down this ruinous road.


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