Thursday, February 08, 2007


Now, before anyone starts writing me nasty emails about this, as I expect I will finally have some traffic (Thank you Jon Swift for adding me to your blogroll), I believe that there are many excellent aspects of our Country (Yes, I think it's my Country too). As I have argued many times before, the fundamental principles upon which this Country was founded are some of the most high-minded and exceptional principles ever found in History. Our freedom to think and live pretty much how we as individuals determine our lives is something envied by most of the rest of the World as is our economic prosperity. We have created a country both unique for its aspirations and accessible because of its beliefs in opportunity and self-worth. Which makes this all the more horrifying as we allow our country to slide into psychosis.

That may seem harsh. Psychosis. Isn't that insanity? Yes, it is. But you need only look at the News for the day to see that this judgement is not too far off. As of today, 3,114 US soldiers have died in the Occupation of Iraq, and total non-mortal casualties in the neighborhood of47,657. Yet, given these horrendous figures (imagine how long we will be dealing with this mistake of a War), what was the top story of the day? Why, it was Nancy Pelosi and the Republican outrage over the aircraft put at her disposal to travel home to her district! The third most powerful figure in our Government, and Republican lawmakers were upset about the aircraft that was to be placed at her disposal to go home! And, of course, this is what the News Media deemed to be an important story. (Update: as I write this, the new breaking story is the death of Anna Nicole Smith. This story is considered so big that Keith Olbermann, not one usually associated with tabloid journalism, spent nearly half his show on it: a new low for MSNBC.) And the top story the previous two days was the Lust in Space story; an astronaut who drove some 900 miles to supposedly kill her supposed rival for a fellow astronaut.

So the so-called MSM adds nothing to the conversation. While the World struggles with poverty, violence, natural disasters, and even their own political scandals, which actually pertain to what is happening in the countries in question, the US spends like a drunken sailor and gossips about the death of a person who was famous for being famous. The Main-Stream Media should be considered irrelevant. End of Part 1.



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