Thursday, September 13, 2007


And it goes without saying that George W. Bush is an AssHole. But McConnell and Boehner proved the mettle of their assholity this very day when Boehner stated that the death of over 3 thousand US troops and the maiming of at least 30 thousand others was a "small price" to pay to keep us safe from an imaginary enemy who didn't attack us on 9-11. To say the least, that makes Boehner a major asshole. I wonder when he'll get around to apologizing to all the family members of the dead annd wounded. Or will this be just another case of IARIYAR?

Then you have Senator McConnell - a true Kentucky Gentleman (a term I use extremely loosely). On NPR today, on All Things Considered, Harry Reed was asked about General Petraus' report to Congress about Iraq. Reed spoke thoughtfully and without personal rancor about the situation in Iraq, about how it would be a bipartisan effort to change the situation, and how he hoped that both sides would find a middle ground.

It was then Mitch McConnell's turn. He was asked if there were any positions on which the Republicans could agree with the Democrats. Senator McConnel, being the Kentucky Gentleman he is, stated rather matter-of-factly that all he could see was that the Democrats were rushing to surrender as quickly as possible to the terrorists! I guess this is the high-minded civility the Republicans are always demanding that the Democrats practice! Just a lovely man!

But this is the Republican way, after all. All that's left for them is to politicize the War, to pretend that they are somehow manly men who will fight to the death, even though they are not the ones fighting. Nor are they the ones dying. It's fair to say that some of the Democrats may also in fact be politicizing the War, but the question becomes "Which is better - To politicize the War so that more US soldiers die, or to politicize the War so that more US soldiers come home alive?" I know which one I would choose. We know which one Mssrs. McConnell and Boehner have chosen.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot one important asshole. The one you face in the mirror each morning.

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Johnny Boy Cry Me A Ficking River! said...

John Boehner is an arrogant, self-absorbed, narcissistic, boo-hoo crying bitch whose main objective in life is to do the bidding of his corporate masters. This piece of shit is nothing more than a corporate whore who fucks the little guy while licking out big Wall Street ass!

I hope this self-centered ‘orange’ prick cries himself a river all the way to hell where he belongs.

John Boehner should go FUCK himself in the ass with a venomous snake!!!

4:56 PM  

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