Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How Many Pedophiles can you fit on the Head of the Catholic Church

William Lynch, a 44 year old man who live in San Francisco, is accused of felony assault and elder abuse for beating his alleged abuser may receive up to 4 years in jail, while his alleged abuser Father Jerold Linder lives out his days in a nice Catholic Jesuit retirement home. Even the prosecution in this case believes that Father Linder was an abuser, yet because of the statute of limitations, Father Linder will never face a day in court.

Justice would not be served, unless one were willing to take it into their own hands, like William Lynch did.

The same church that protects Linder demands that rape victims who get pregnant carry those babies to term and raise them. That same church condemns gay men and women but coddles the priests who prey upon children. They fight the use of contraception and protect those who abuse their position of trust.

But, of course, it's not the priest's fault, after all. The victims were just asking for it, weren't they.  While the flock feel sympathy and a modicum of outrage, they continue to pour into their institution of worship and continue to fund the Church which to it's very pinnacle has not only harbored but tried to protect these pedophile priests.

And it doesn't stop just with the Catholic Church. Rape victims shouldn't be allowed to get abortions because that is immoral, and everyone knows the rape victim must have been asking for it. Must have been asking for it by the way they dress, the way they walk, or even just how they look at you. It must be the victim's fault, having led their abuser on simply by being there.

There are bigger issue as well. Outraged conservatives who decry affairs by John Edwards and Bill Clinton, while Senator David Vitter procures prostitutes to dress him in diapers and manages to get re-elected on a family values platform.

Or attacks on Sandra Fluke for wanting insurance to cover birth control when those same companies cover Viagra, a product Rush Limbaugh took along to the Dominican Republic. What possible use did he have for it there, one wonders.

We glorify the prurient, dressing under-age girls in clothes meant to sexualize them, and then hold them responsible when they get attacked. We punish women for being women, children for being children, and feign massive outrage when our false puritanism is breached by reality. We hate sex, or pretend we do, all the while demanding more of it.

There is something deeply wrong with our country when pedophile priests get to retire and live out their days taken care of while their victims spend their lives battling the rage and the loathing they feel for themselves through no fault of their own. There is something deeply wrong with our country when the leaders and mouthpieces for half the nation can hypocritically call for abstinence only education and the punishment of the victim while all the while they indulge in their basest behavior.

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