Wednesday, August 08, 2007


On numerous occassions lately, I have heard the Hardly Ever Right whine about how those who do not agree with them have Bush Derangement Syndrome. BDS they call it and declare that we (those who do not agree with them) must be somehow deranged and that this derangement is because of our hatred of George W. Bush. It is because of our hatred of Bush that we (those who do not agree with the Hardly Ever Right) decry the use of torture by our Government, the loss of our rights, the Republican obstructionism in Congress, the continuous scandals concerning these Republican lawmakers (and yes, there are Democratic lawmakers who also have committed crimes; its just that the Republicans seem to do it enmass and organized according to party) the War in Iraq, the continued ideological stupidity of the Hardly Ever Right when it comes to healthcare and nearly everything else;all of this is because of Bush Derangement Syndrome. Now, is it just me, or might it not be more reasonable to say that the Bush Derangement Syndrome that The Hardly Ever Right seems to be believe in is actually a syndrome that the Hardly Ever Right appears to suffer from (though I use the word suffer here just to point out their ailment. They do not, in fact, suffer. They are quite content to be unbelieveable ignorant.

How incredibly stupid do you have to be to argue that there really are no reasons for the majority of the population of the United States to be upset with not only The Administration but Congress, the Main Stream Media, and the completely corrupt Republican Party? Honestly; is there an arguement here? The Administration does not believe in the rule of law, the Republicans seem to care less than The Administration, as they care much more about ridiculous ideology than they do about doing what is in the best interest of the Country, and the MSM carries water for whoever is in power. Yet the so-called intellectuls of the Hardly Ever Right who complain about BDS cannot for the life of them see anything wrong. Obviously, if you are a member of this improbable fraternity (and unfortunately there are quite a few members), you do not believe in using your brain for anything other than keeping space between your ears.

As an example: Recently, a member of The National Review wrote about BDS and Scalia-Thomas Derangement Syndrome. Now, I cannot, in fact, make much arguement about Scalia and Thomas, though both are rather incompetent in my opinion (but I'm not a Law Scholar), but this particular member then goes on to complain about an arguement put forth in the NYT about Cheney and how Cheney believes in a Unitary Executive and somehow has been pushing for it since he became VP. The arguement by this particular member is that the author of this arguement makes some specious claims concerning Cheney and Cheney becoming VP and then pushing for the Unitary Executive. Now, here's the thing: Cheney, while he worked in the Nixon White House, believed quite strongly in a Unitary Executive. Whether he had some over-arching master plan is not the question. But given that he was put in charge of the Search Committee for the VP, are we supposed to be naive enough to believe that when he saw an opportunity to actualy implement what he believes, he did not take it? How stupid are we if that is what we actually believe? How dishonest are you when you put forth just such a premise?

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